Our values

Values create organizational culture of our company and they are reflected in the way the company operates.  Openness to the  expectations and needs of our customers, competence and years of industry experience of our employees as well modernity, confidence and cooperation are the guidelines in everyday work at ELEKTROMETAL ENERGETYKA SA.

On the basis of long-term relationships with customers and care for the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services, we have developed our mission, vision, values ​​, and goals, which we present in the graphics.


Our mission and vision are to jointly implement IDEAS WITH ENERGY, thanks to which we create and deliver proven, reliable, and, above all, FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS for the energy sector.


The values ​​we believe in are an inspiration and a source of motivation in our daily work.

IDEAS WITH ENERGY consists of cooperation based on open dialogue and mutual support, as well as developed by us, tailored to the client’s needs, solutions.

SUM OF SATISFACTION comes from our cooperation with the client, which brings benefits to both parties.

We become PROFESSIONALS OPEN to suggestions and various possibilities, who not only constantly improve their competencies but also willingly share their knowledge.

And POSITIVE ENERGY is created thanks to a good atmosphere as well as customer satisfaction and trust.


NPS (Net Promoter Score) recommendation index at a level above 50 (most satisfied), and already in 2021 we reached 48, which is a very good result compared to the national average -3,

Customer’s OTIF, i.e. an indicator showing compliance of deliveries with orders in terms of timeliness and completeness (on time and in full), at a level greater than 98%, complaints coming to the company in the amount of less than 0.5% of all orders.

We intend to increase the efficiency of the company, achieving from year to year:

– OTIF Global, i.e. an indicator showing the compliance of deliveries with orders from the perspective of both customer satisfaction and organizational results, at a level greater than 98%,

– increase in revenues (net profit) by more than 10%,

– business growth (turnover, production, employees) over 5%,

– expenditure on research and development, increasing the innovation and competitiveness of the company, at a level greater than 5%.

We will cultivate employee satisfaction thanks to:

– NPS recommendation index above 50,

– the average level of rotation in the company is below 5% of all employees.

As a company that is motivated by its employees and customers, we are committed to fulfilling the mission with commitment and satisfaction. We have a clear picture of development in front of us, expressed in our vision and values. And the strategic goals, the implementation of which we have set ourselves as a priority for the coming years, define specific and measurable tasks, thanks to which we will constantly improve the management of our company and gain the trust of our customers.