We offer solutions dedicated for commercial power industry, heavy industry and mining. Our products (MV switchgears e2ALPHA, protection relays e2TANGO, MV circuit breakers e2BRAVO and SCADA system e²YANKEE) and services are designed on the base of extensive experience, which our experts have  gained on electrical power market for many years.


Solutions we offer cover production and delivery of devices. We are enriching them by numerous services that maximize performance and minimize customers’ costs. The biggest benefit for our customers is an innovative method in which we integrate the best and proven solutions for electrical power networks and adapt them to the specific individual needs.

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e²ALPHA® Switchgear e²TANGO® Bay Controllers  e²TANGO® HV Protection relays

ATS automation



e²BRAVO® Vacuum Circuit Breaker

e²TANGO-Studio engineering software






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