Prizes and awards

Elektrometal Energetyka SA is a laureate of numerous awards received thanks to the continuous development and improvement of our products and services. Below we present selected awards and distinctions.

Statuette of the Polish Power Industry Association for the solution: e²TANGO Integrated Protection and Control System dedicated to Renewable Energy Sources (RES) at the 34th Bielsko International Energy Fair “ENERGETAB 2021”

The title of the “Gazela Biznesu 2020” in the 21st Edition of the Ranking of the Most Dynamic Small and Medium-sized Companies

Cup of the Minister of Energy for the product: Integrated Power System based on the e²ALHPA-G switchgear and the e²TANGO protection relay at the 31st Bielsko International Energy Fair “ENERGETAB 2018”

Laureate of the 18th edition of the Mazovian Quality Award in the category of production organizations

Gold Medal for the product: e²TANGO protection relay awarded at the 28th Bielsko International Energy Fair “ENERGETAB 2015”

Bronze Medal for the product: MV switchgear type e²ALPHA awarded at the 27th International Bielsko Energy Fair “ENERGETAB 2014”