PV MV protection relays

e²TANGO®-800 and e²TANGO®-400 Protection relays

Basic characteristics:
– intuitive, user friendly
– all-purpose application
– advanced protection function

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e2TANGO – Application scheme – Power input of PV protection

e2TANGO PV Protection Relays Elektrometal Energetyka SA 


e²TANGO-800 i e²TANGO-400 protection relays can be used in all renewable energy installations, such as: wind farms, photovoltaic power plants, hydropower plants, biomass power plants and biogas plants. The versatility and rich functionality of e²TANGO protection relays makes them fully suitable for wind and photovoltaic power plants, which we proved by installing our devices in small prosumer installations (over a dozen kW), through installations up to 1MW, and at Grid Connection Point HV / MV power output stations.


The e2TANGO protection relay, apart from its protection functions, enables remote switching off and switching on of the MV coupling switch, with the possibility of blocking it and canceling the switch-on interlock for the needs of remote control of the distribution company, control of switchgear bay devices, event and status signaling and communication to superior systems (owner of the PV power plant and DSO). In addition, it enables the Investor remotely controlling the LV circuit breaker of the power plant, signal the position of the MV disconnector contacts and the earthing switch in the feeder

(switch closed, open earthing switch, open disconnector, earthing switch closed), signaling the position of the MV coupling switch contacts in the transformer bay, as well as signaling the position of the LV switch.

In the case of PV installations, for which the Investors (electricity producers) does not have a license to sell electricity (produces energy only for his own needs), they have the option of activating the reverse power blockage in the e2TANGO protection relay, which activates the power limitation on the generator controller (inverter) or completely disconnect the power plant from the mains.

An undoubted convenience for the user is the ability to operate e²TANGO devices using the mobile application. The app allows the owner of the power plant full access to their facilities 24 hours per day, including the preview of the state of switches with the possibility of control (on / off), events and alarms preview, information on the current and historical energy production, etc. This solution is useful and convenient in particular, when the owner of the facility or the maintenance service has multiple facilities, or the facilities are located in differentlocations, usually at a considerable distance from their management center.


The e²TANGO protection relay is a universal solution in terms of software and hardware. The device consists of two elements: the operator panel: e²TANGO-400, and the panel and the central unit concerning e²TANGO-800. The CPU allows for flexible configuration thanks to removable expansion cards and comes in three chassis versions: J6 (six cards), J10 (ten cards) and J14 (fourteen cards). In the case of protections dedicated to photovoltaic and wind farms, it is recommended to use an expansion card with additional voltage measurement (TV) or additional current measurement (TRR) in the e²TANGO-800 panel.