Research & Development

Działania R&D

Podstawowe cechy:
– całościowe opracowywanie rozwiązań
– integracja zaawansowanych rozwiązań i technologii
– poszukiwanie pomysłów na nowe rozwiązania i ich wdrożenia
– tworzenie wartości dodanej – prace zewnętrzne na potrzeby innych odbiorców
– stała współpraca z instytucjami badawczymi i naukowymi.

ELEKTROMETAL ENERGETYKA SA conducts research and implements its original products in the field of smart electricity grids infrastructure. The main objective of our research and development department is to improve safety of users, who operate electrically-live power devices. On the basis of the observations and analyzes, supported by many years of professional practice, we see a need for introducing to the market innovative products that will ensure even higher users’ safety and continuity of work. A key element on the widely understood protection is identification of arc short circuit phenomenon and preventive actions as well limitation of the duration of such a short circuit.

In addition to research and development works ELEKTROMETAL ENETGETYKA SA cooperates with the best research centers in Poland, among others with the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw and with the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering Institute in Warsaw as well with universities of technology, e.g. the Bialystok University of Technology,  the Warsaw University of Technology and the Military University of Technology.