miniSCADA system


The e²TANGO-Studio software can be extended with the functionality of "miniSCADA" enabling the mapping of the switchgear state, with the possibility of controlling the connectors, viewing alarms and events and online reading of the parameters of e²TANGO protection relays (e.g. current, voltage, power, energy etc.) installed in the switchgear. The functionality has been designed to share the engineering link (one communication port) for security, which enables simplification of cabling and hardware and communication infrastructure. The "miniSCADA" extension is optionally available as an external license.


An undoubted convenience for the user is the ability to operate e²TANGO devices via the phone application. The application allows the owner of the power plant full access to his facilities 24 hours a day, including the preview of the state of switches with the possibility of control (on / off), preview of events and alarms, information on the current and historical energy production, etc. This solution is useful and convenient in particular, when the power plant owner or the maintenance service has multiple facilities, or the facility (s) are located in different places, usually at a considerable distance from their management center. Below you can see a view of the phone running the miniSCADA window application for a PV photovoltaic power plant.