e²TANGO® Bay Controller

CHARACTERISTICSe²TANGO is a modern control and monitoring protection relay intended for power protection systems such as controlling, measuring and supervising the MV feeders. It is suitable for working in SMART GRID systems. The series of e²TANGO protection relays has been designed accordingly to the FAST&SMART idea which strongly focuses on user’s needs and ease and convenience of operations. We have constructed an incredibly user friendly and intuitive device which doesn’t require advanced training before using. Universality of this bay unit makes it possible to adapt e²TANGO to the specific user’s requirements and protected loads.
e²TANGO protection relay is an universal solution in terms of hardware and software. It is equipped in complete set of protection- and station- automatics and can be therefore applied in each kind of bay of various intended use and operation characteristics, eg. incoming-, line-, transformer-, incoming-outgoing-, measurement-, coupler-, capacitor-, wind power plants- bay etc.
Intuitive e²TANGO protection relay is equipped in fully configurable clear interface, extended configuration, recorders and measurement- functions.

Good readability of indicators and signalization, easy access manual, easy verification of logic and graphical verification of protection characteristics as well as remote service access greatly improve everyday work with device.

e²TANGO protection relay is an universal device in terms of hardware and software. It consists of two basic elements: central processing unit and operating panel. Central unit is manufactured based on expansion cards and is offered in three versions of metal housing: J6 (six cards), J10 (ten cards) and J14 (fourteen cards) – depending on switchgear’s bay configuration and the necessary number of cards. Each version has a big- 6-inch color screen with high resolution (480×640 pixels). In small switchgears it is possible to use e²TANGO protection system with the smallest on the market operating panel- e²TANGO-600 in size 147 mm x 235 mm (width x height). Despite the small size panels are equipped in 6-inch screens, on which the user can display optional configuration, measurements, schemes and graphs. Functionality, reliability and durability are guaranteed by high quality parts and specific design which allows proper cooling of the components.
e²TANGO-Studio software intended to operate e²TANGO unit. It is at the same time configuration tool for the operating panel. This software has been equipped in extended set of functions, which are combined with clear graphic interface. Finally it creates great tool which supports every-day work and allows creation of projects for many devices, bays, switchgears and stations.

e²TANGO-Studio is characterized by advanced and extended logic editor which allows to perform logic simulation visible also on the panel level without device connecting. It gives possibility to view logic state while working with the device. It ensures easier project preparation as well as start-up and service of the switching stations. It allows to use nonstandard logics dedicated to the specific customer’s requirements.

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