e²TANGO-100, -150 Protection Relays

e²TANGO®-100, -150 protection relays

e²TANGO®-100, -150 Protection Relay Basic parameters: – compact
– friendly
– intuitive in everyday use.

Certificate of conformity issued by the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw

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e²TANGO-100 Certificate

e²TANGO-100 Catalogue

e²TANGO-100 Order Form

Catalogue e2TANGO-150

e²TANGO-150 Order Form

e2TANGO-100 Declaration of Conformity


The e²TANGO-100, -150 relay is designed to work in medium and low voltage networks, in either 1-, 2- or 3-phase systems. The product is equipped with short-circuit, overcurrent, and earth fault protections, thanks to which it can be used in various types of bays panels as basic and backup protection and also as protection for medium and low voltage motors.



e²TANGO®-Studio engineering software allows operation of e²TANGO®-100, -150 protection relay and also panel configuration. This software provides comprehensive functionality, which together with visual widget configuration is a perfect aid in daily work by enabling creation of projects for multiple devices, bays, switchgears or stations.