e²ECHO voltage presence indicators

Wskaźnik obecności napięcia e²ECHO®

Podstawowe parametry:
– możliwość współpracy z blokadą uziemnika
– możliwość współpracy z powszechnie stosowanymi izolatorami wsporczymi
– czułość ok. 40μA

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The e²ECHO voltage indicators are designed to control alternating voltage on the busbars of MV switchgear. Signaling of voltage presence allows avoiding accidental switching on of the earthing switch, which increases the safety of switchgear operation. The voltage indicator with the e²ECHO-B type earthing switch interlock is equipped with auxiliary contacts cooperating with the coil blocking the possibility of maneuvering the earthing switch. The e²ECHO-Bd indicator is additionally equipped with a blocking function, after removing which it is possible to close the earthing switch depending on the presence of voltage on the bars. Voltage indicators are available in IP40 and IP 54 versions.


The e²ECHO-Bd voltage indicator is equipped with a system that prevents the earthing switch from being closed. It is active all the time, and it is removed by pressing the DB button available on the front panel or by applying a voltage equal to the auxiliary voltage to the unlocking input. After releasing the button and the unlocking voltage decay, the reset time is about 30s. During this time, it is possible to close the earthing switch depending on the voltage presence on L1, L2 and L3. After this time, the lock is reactivated.

There are sockets on the front panel for the connection of an external portable voltage indicator, which can also be used for phase matching. The voltage indicator with the e²ECHO-B earthing switch interlock is additionally equipped with auxiliary contacts for blocking the possibility of closing the earthing switch in the event of voltage on the busbars or in the event of auxiliary supply voltage loss.