e²ALPHA®-G Switchgear dedicated for mining

CHARACTERISTICe2ALPHA-G is a line-up of modern four-compartment indoor MV switchgears suited to installation in hard coal and copper mines. High degree of operational safety for e2ALPHA-G switchgear was achieved by employing an extended system of mechanical and electrical interlocks as well as reinforced mechanical bay construction unique in its high level of arc resistance. The switchgear features a special high temperature and humidity resistant structure and allows connecting cables at its rear without erecting special cable ducts. 
e2ALPHA-G bay is made of prefabricated steel and zinc-coated sheets 1 to 3 mm thick. Areas particularly exposed to internal arcing and pressure of arcing gases are made of powder-coated high quality 3 mm thick steel sheets. Additionally the switchgear features a number of technical solutions which minimise the impact of high temperature and humidity at installation site. 



e2ALPHA-G switchgear is a perfect solution for mining industry power needs. Advanced design, small size (including height of 1800 mm), makes it ideal for low ceiling hard coal and copper mines with difficult environmental conditions (high temperature and humidity).
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