e²ALPHA®-2S Double Busbar Switchgear

CHARACTERISTICe2ALPHA-2S is a line of modern and fully compartmentalized indoor MV switchgears with double busbar system. Standard e2ALPHA-2S line-up includes 650, 800 and 1100 mm wide switchgear cubicles. The high degree of operational safety of e2ALPHA-2S switchgears is achieved by employing a comprehensive system of mechanical and electrical blocks as well as reinforced bay mechanical structure providing high level of arc resistance. The switchgear is available in IP4X, IP54 and SMA (State Mining Authority) certified versions.
Bay consists of six independent high-current compartments isolated with metal barriers (busbar I compartment, busbar II compartment, system I disconnector compartment, system II disconnector compartment, circuit-breaker compartment, connection/cable compartment). Additionally e2ALPHA-2S bays are equipped with one internal decompression channel through which in case of short-circuit in any of the compartments pressure and arc vapours are vented into one location. 
e2ALPHA-2S is designed in such a way so as to allow access to each of the switchgear compartments without interfering with other compartments, e.g. adjacent ones. This makes it convenient during regular operation but also during service and inspection activities. Maintenance on one of the compartments does not require interfering with other compartments. 
A line-up of disconnectors with 31.5 kA/3s short-circuit capacity (confirmed in numerous trials in institutes and laboratories) was developed especially for the e2ALPHA-2S switchgear.


APPLICATIONe2ALPHA-2S switchgear is designed for use in primary and secondary electric energy distribution in key power facilities such as grid exits, main substations, distribution substations, mainly in switchrooms of mines and industrial plants, power plants and CHP stations, grid switching stations which require high power supply reliability and availability of redundant second busbar system.
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