R&D Actions

Basic features:

– comprehensive development of solutions

– integration of advanced solutions and technologies

– searching for ideas for new solutions and their implementation

– creating added value – external works for the needs of other recipients

– permanent cooperation with research and scientific institutions.

We implement research and development projects of a technological and IT nature for the needs of the power industry. The subject of our work is to search for and develop solutions and to adapt them for use in practice. The results of our work lead to the emergence of practical industrial applications.


Fiber optic temperature sensors integrated with protection.

Design challenge: creating sensors that will enable monitoring the busbar temperature in the switchgear, and thus increase the safety of the switchgear from overheating. Designing such sensors that will be isolated (sensors are placed on medium voltage busbars and the controller at low voltage) and will not require power supply.

Recipient: internal use.

The result: a solution based on the use of fiber optic technology and a special design of the sensor head for use wherever there is a need for effective and safe temperature monitoring of rails, and thus increase energy security.

The composition of the team: constructors, electronic engineers, electricians and mechanics ELEKTROMETAL ENERGETYKA SA, representatives of the BIALYSTOK TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY.

Training boards.

Design challenge: preparation of such a structure that meets all functional tasks and must be folded (one person should be able to fold the set to the size that allows him to be carried by a passenger car).

Recipient: ENERGA SA

The effect: e2TS-1 device was developed, which is used to train fitters of electricity meters. It allows you to simulate various types of irregularities in the electrical installation, to teach fitters how to detect them and how to deal with them. The set is nearly 2m high, but thanks to a specially designed frame, it allows you to fold into dimensions that give you the freedom to transport by car.

The composition of the team: ELEKTROMETAL ENERGETYKA SA.

Switchboards on wheels.

Design challenge: design of the platform for the e²ALPHA® switchgear, which allows you to freely maneuver the set. It was necessary due to the difficult access to the installation site and a short time to carry it out. Additionally, the switchgear bay set was to be able to connect to an existing busbar system and use a switch with TAVRIDA electromagnetic drive.

Recipient: Zakłady Przemysłu Wapienniczego Trzuskawica.

Effect: frame with wheels, integral for each bay. Special upper connection set and TAVRIDA switch adaptation kit for the e²ALPHA® field.

The composition of the team: ELEKTROMETAL ENERGETYKA SA.

RD-1 withdrawable units equipped with e2BRAVO vacuum circuit breakers

Design challenge: preparation of retrofit allowing to replace already worn low-oil circuit breakers in switchgear type RD-1 with a modern e²BRAVO®VCBs. The reconstruction of the control circuits also required the e²BRAVO® circuit breaker itself to adapt it to the diagrams of the existing RD-1 fields.

Recipient: KGHM Polska Miedź.

The result: we have developed a structure that fulfills all operational functions. In addition, the retrofit does not require any changes in the RD-1 type switchgears and works with the existing mechanical interlocking.

The composition of the team: ELEKTROMETAL ENERGETYKA SA.

Power output cabinets

Design challenge: preparation of dedicated power output cabinets and generator zero point cabinet. The design required the installation of multiple transformers, both current and voltage, while maintaining the required insulation parameters, current and short-circuit strength.

Recipient: Głębinów Hydro Power Station.

The result: a set of power output cabinets dedicated for two hydroelectric generators, with easy access to cable connections with secondary transformer circuits.

The composition of the team: ELEKTROMETAL ENERGETYKA SA.