HV protection relays e²TANGO-2000-ODL (Line Distance Protection)

HV protection relays e²TANGO-2000-ODL®

Basic characteristics:
– intuitive, user friendly
– all-purpose application
– advanced protection function

Certificate no. 005/2019 issued by Instytut Energetyki in Warsaw.

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A scheme of HV line bays with the installation of e2TANGO-2000 type protection automatics is presented below.

A complete solution for the HV line bay was presented, which includes all elements of protection automation based on the e2TANGO platform. Overcurrent and earth fault protection (STP) and distance protection (ODL) are built on the basis of e2TANGO-2000.


Intuitive and user-friendly e2TANGO-2000 HV protection systems are equipped with a fully configurable, clear screen, as well as comprehensive configuration, registration and measurement functions. Readability of indications and signals, simple access to documentation and manuals, easy verification of the logic operation, as well as graphical verification of protection characteristics or remote service access greatly improve the daily operation of the device.

The e²TANGO series HV protection consists of two components, i.e.: the operating panel and the central processing unit (CPU). The CPU is made on the basis of expansion cards and is available in three enclosure versions: J6 (6 cards), J10 (10 cards) and J14 (14 cards) – depending on the complexity of a given switchgear bay layout and user needs. The e²TANGO-2000 operating panel has a 7-inch high-resolution colour screen.