HV equipment

Modernization of the 110kV switchgear in the Machów GPZ-1 (Main Power Point) station is a comprehensive implementation for Zakłady Chemiczne “Siarkopol” TARNOBRZEG Sp. z o.o.As part of the order, the following works were performed:
• modernization of the control room of the entire station together with the exchange of bay controllers in the 110kV bays.
• modernization of DC and AC auxiliary power supply,
• development, delivery and launch of the e2YANKEE surveillance SCADA system,
• comprehensive modernization of 110kV bays.
The station’s switchgear was equipped with high voltage protection cabinets, where e2TANGO was used as the bay controllers. The existing supply systems have been modernized, eg: installation of auxiliary power supply, under which new switchgears, inverter cabinet and batteries were built. The implementation at the HV station was made during the plant’s operation and could not disturb the production process.