Gold Medal of ENERGETAB 2015 for e²TANGO bay controller

We are very happy and very proud to announce you that our bay controller e²TANGO has been awarded the Gold Medal of International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2015.

Since the beginning of our work on the device, all members of the research team were inspired by the FAST&SMART idea, which focuses on the user and puts his needs above all, the key words are user-friendliness and ease of use. As a result we have created the most friendly and intuitive e²TANGO bay controller. Reliable solution for implementation of protection automatics, control, measurement, recording and supervision of medium voltage bays, adapted to work in a system of intelligent SMART GRID net.

The award is a great honor for us and a reason to be proud. The award is so valuable for us because the awarding committee consists well recognized experts from power engineering industry.