Elektrometal Energetyka presented solutions for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) at the Conference of the Kielce branch of SEP in Cedzyn

Autumn is traditionally a time of active participation of Elektrometal Energetyka in key conferences, seminars and industry symposia for the energy sector. This year we could not miss, among others at the XXVII Regional Scientific and Technical Conference of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers – Kielce branch, which took place on October 14-15, 2021 in Cedzyna.

During the conference, we had the opportunity to deliver a lecture for over a hundred participants “Innovative solutions for the protection of high and medium voltage on the example of e²TANGO”, with the e²TANGO Integrated Protection and Control System dedicated to Renewable Energy Sources (RES) awarded at this year’s ENERGETAB 2021 fair. Our stand, where we presented e²TANGO series protection and the miniSCADA system dedicated to solar farms and wind farms, was also very popular.

Elektrometal Energetyka solutions for Renewable Energy Sources have been chosen by our clients for years and successfully used in hundreds of facilities all over Poland, from prosumer micro-installations, through installations up to 1MW, and at GPO HV / MV power output stations.