Elektrometal Energetyka at the Solar Energy Congress

On 8-9. On September, Elektrometal Energetyka participated as an exhibitor at one of the most important industry events in the renewable energy sector, i.e. the Solar Energy Congress, organized annually by the Photovoltaics Association in Józefów. This year, the event attracted over 350 participants from the Polish and international photovoltaic sector, creating an excellent opportunity to debate the potential of renewable energy in Poland and to exchange information and expand the network of contacts in the industry.

Elektrometal Energetyka as the sales leader among Polish EAZ producers and the producer and supplier of HV, MV, LV e2TANGO protection relays, MV switchgears and protection automatics of SCADA systems for photovoltaic and wind farms presented its experience and quality devices operated in over 700 renewable energy facilities, want to invariably contribute to the energy transformation in Poland.