Basic features:
– friendliness and intuitive handling
– universality of use
– having individual customer needs.

Engineering software e2TANGO-Studio to download version


e2TANGO-Studio software intended to operate e2TANGO protection relay. It is at the same time configuration tool for the operating panel. This software has been equipped in extended set of functions, which are combined with clear graphic interface. Finally it creates great tool which supports every-day work and allows creation of projects for many devices, bays, switchgears and stations.

e²TANGO-Studio enginering software, in addition to standard functions such as: setting protection functions, device configuration, synoptic diagram editing and blocking, is characterized by an advanced and extensive logic editor allowing to perform logic system simulation without connecting the device, which facilitates the preparation of projects in laboratory conditions. The function of previewing logic states during working with the device allows for quick and effective commissioning and servicing of distribution stations. It gives the possibility to build custom logic dedicated to the client's infrastructure requirements.