e²TANGO protection relays, e²BRAVO circuit breakers and e²ALPHA switchgears in PGE Dystrybucja facilities

Many years of cooperation with PGE Dystrybucja SA resulted in numerous implementations in facilities and stations such as GPZ 110 / MV and RS MV / MV. e2TANGO MV protection relays were installed in the amount of over 450 in 46 facilities, e2BRAVO circuit breakers in the amount of 70 in 17 facilities, and e2ALPHA switchgears in four GPZ stations. In addition, we have installed and launched a communication node and a telemechanics relay in four GPZ stations, which works with the MV protection of a given facility and sends signals to a supervisory system. We have also performed a series of modernization of MV bays in the bays of primary and secondary circuits in 30 GPZ stations in the area of ​​operation of PGE Dystrybucja SA, using our production equipment, i.e. e2TANGO protection units and e2BRAVO vacuum circuit breakers.