e²TANGO protection relays and e²BRAVO SN vacuum circuit breakers in Enea Operator power stations

From the beginning of the presence of Elektrometal Energetyka SA on the market, the energy distribution sector is a very important area of ​​the company’s operations. One of the plants that widely use our e²BRAVO medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers and e²TANGO protection relays is ENEA Operator sp.z o.o. operating in north-western Poland. Over 100 e²BRAVO vacuum circuit breakers and over 30 e²TANGO protection relays are installed and operated at nearly 50 GPZ 110 / 15kV substations in the bays of medium voltage switchgear.

We can also boast of the modernization of the ATS – Automatic Transfer Switch- at Enea Operator stations based on the e²TANGO-SZR protection relays and the installation of several bays of the e²ALPHA switchgear at one of the power stations in the Poznań Distribution Division. The vast majority of devices were built as part of the modernization of the existing medium voltage switchgear type WRS through the independent implementation of turnkey projects in the design and build mode by Elektrometal Energetyka SA, as well as supplies of equipment for companies that modernize the substation. One of the last this year’s implementations is the installation of the e2TANGO-SZR automation relays in the busbar connector bay of the 15kV switchgear in one of the 110 / 15kV power stations for the Enea Operator branch in Gorzów.