e²TANGO protection relays and e²ALPHA switchgears in power stations of Innogy STOEN Operator

One of the representatives of the distribution sector, who uses our solutions is one of the largest energy companies in Poland – Innogy STOEN Operator, for which we have delivered almost 450 units of e²TANGO protection relays. The devices are dedicated for 110/15kV stations, both MV and HV sides.
Modern e²TANGO protection relays are also made in a special version – as an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Automation for the auxiliary switchgears of the 110/ 15kV stations and RSM stations. They are used in 0.4kV AC switchgears as well as DC and guaranteed voltage 220V DC switchgears.
In addition to e²TANGO protection relays, the Innogy company has been operating for several years at one of its RPZ 110 / 15kV stations, the 52-bay 4-section e²ALPHA single-system MV switchgear. Installed devices provide energy for the northern side of Warsaw.

Currently, the installation and commissioning works of another switchgear of our company are in progress. This time, due to a strategically very important facility, switchgear with a double busbar system of the e²ALPHA-2S type was selected for reasons of safety and reliability of power supply.