e²TANGO-400 Protection Relay

e²TANGO®-400 Protection Relay

Basic parameters: – compact – friendly and intuitive in everyday use. Certificate of conformity No. 008/2017 issued by the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw.

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e2TANGO-400 Declaration of Conformity

e²TANGO®-400 protection relays feature a complete set of protection functions and station automation schemes making them ideal for any type of bay irrespective of its application and operational characteristics: such as incoming bay, line incoming-outgoing bay, transformer bay, measuring bay, coupling bay, capacitor bank bay for MV grids. e²TANGO®-400protection relays are also capable of autonomous operation.


e²TANGO®-400protection relay has a 4.3” colour graphical display and a keyboard with 5 context-sensitive buttons for easy operation. Additional four dedicated buttons for switching device control are available. There are 7 LEDs (4 red and 3 red-green) on the front panel providing visual indication of device statuses. There are also two additional function buttons F1 and F2 with dedicated two-colour LEDs which may be customised. Above the function buttons there are two red LEDs or optionally two electromechanical indicators providing indication even in case of power supply failure. A label pocket is provided on the relay front panel for function button and LED/indicator labels.


e²TANGO®-Studio engineering software allows operation of e²TANGO®-400 protection relay and also panel configuration. This software provides comprehensive functionality, which together with visual widget configuration is a perfect aid in daily work by enabling creation of projects for multiple devices, bays, switchgears or stations.