e²BRAVO Vacuum Circuit Breaker

e²BRAVO® Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Certificate of Conformity No. JSHP/64/CZ/2020 issued by J.S. Hamilton.

Basic parameters:
– rated voltage up to 24 kV
– short-circuit breaking current up to 40 kA
– electrical and mechanical endurance up to 30 thousand switching operations.

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e²BRAVO vacuum circuit breaker is a modern medium-voltage switching apparatus  adapted for use with medium-voltage comprising module switchgears as well as in stationary version as a replacement for old low-oil apparatus. e²BRAVO is available in a wide range of rated voltages (7.2 - 17.5 kV) and in various configurations due to the horizontal and vertical scale and additional deviceequipment. High quality vacuum chambers and reliable operating mechanism ensure the achievement of high switching and mechanical durability at the level of 30000 on-offcycles.


e²BRAVO circuit breaker has been equipped with a stored-energy operating mechanism. Operating system is placed in the middle of the front part of the circuit breaker body. Such an arrangement of the assemble provides very good access to its components and facilitates maintenance and service.



High reliability of the e²BRAVO circuit breakers family combined with their very good electrical parameters make them ideal for applications in the commercial-, industrial-and mining power companies, where above mentioned aspects are essential. e²BRAVO circuit breakers can also be successfully used as a replacement of old low-oil equipment by using special retrofitting designs. The design of retrofit kits ensures fully interchangeability with the previous used  low-oil circuit breakers of the following types: SCI / SCJ, WMPWZ, WMSWP and IO.