e²ALPHA Swichgears, e²TANGO protection relays, e²BRAVO vacuum circuit breaker in KGHM POLSKA MIEDŹ SA

Our devices have also been trusted by Kombinat Górniczo-Hutniczy Miedzi (KGHM). Switchgears, vacuum circuit breakers and protection relays are used in almost all branches and companies of the KGHM group (Mining Plants – Zakłady Górnicze – Rudna, Lubin; Ore enrichment plant – Zakłady Wzbogacania Rud – Lubin, Polkowice, Huta Miedzi Legnica, Energetyka Sp. o.o.).Last year, we delivered 12 sets of e²ALPHA MV switchgears in a total number of over 170 MV bays, of which::

  • Four switchgears supply windlass machines in copper mines.
  • Three switchgears located in the building of Hala Młynowni i Flotacji Zakładów Wzbogacania Rud, and supplies the installations of mills, water pumps and transformers.
  • Two switchgears installed in the Cedynia and Legnica smelters, one of which works in the installation of the Institute of Independent Metals
  • One switchgear installed at Energetyka Sp. z o.o. at the water department supplying pumping stations
  • One switchgear with the approval of the State Mining Authority (pl.: WUG), is below 1000m underground level, powering fans, conveyors and transformers.

It is a solution dedicated to work in the underground mines of coal mining and copper mining. Unique construction and components are resistant to atmospheric conditions and suitable for operation in high temperature and humidity conditions. This complete integrated system is one of the most modern solutions in the world,  which transmit all data on the digital path to protection relays which, based on appropriate software algorithms, supervise the work and react in moments when the monitoring system detects danger.
e²BRAVO vacuum circuit breakers and e²TANGO protection relays are also used in MV switchgears of the Huta Miedzi and KGHM’s subsidiaries, including the largest company (Energetyka Sp. z o.o.), producing and distributing heat, electricity and water in the Copper Belt area.