e²ALPHA Single Busbar Switchgear

e²ALPHA® Medium Voltage Switchgear

Basic parameters
– rated voltage up to 24 kV
– rated current of busbars up to 4000 A
– short-circuit resistance up to 31.5 kA /1-3s.
– short-circuit withstand up to 31,5 kA/1-3s.

Certificate of Conformity issued by the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw.

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e²ALPHA® Certificate

 e²ALPHA® Catalogue

 Declaration of conformity 12kV (630-2500A) up to 31,5kA

 Declaration of conformity 17,5kV (630-2000A) up to 31,5kA

 Declaration of conformity 24kV (630-2000A) up to 25kA


Functional and reliable e²ALPHA switchgear belongs to the group of modern, four-compartment indoor MV switchgears suitable for wall- or self-standing installation. The standard range of e²ALPHA consists of cells with a width of 400, 600, 750 and 800 mm. The high degree of operational safety for e²ALPHA switchgear was achieved by applying an extended system of mechanical and electrical interlocks as well as reinforced mechanical cell construction characterized by a high level of arc resistance. 


Switchgear cell is made of prefabricated steel plates and Al- Zn with thickness of 2 and 3 mm. In the areas particularly exposed to internal arcing and pressure of arcing gases has been applied high-quality steel sheet with a thickness of 3 mm with powder ink coating.  Additionally, in the case of the cells made ​​in arc resistance 31.5 kA /1 , the door of cable compartment and withdrawable module has been provided with additional reinforcements and screens. 



e²ALPHA switchgear is an ideal solution for industrial-, distribution- and mining power companies. Advanced design combined with reliable interlocks makes e²ALPHA ideal for applications in the strategic areas of power system where the highest reliability of  power supply is required (eg. MPS-Main Point of Supply, power plants and mines).