e²ALPHA MV switchgear for power plant sector

As a general contractor, we have completed a series of modernizations of the MV switchgear for power plant sector customers.
e²ALPHA MV Switchgears are installed in power plants in Gdańsk, Kraków and Szczecin:

•       PGE Energia Ciepła SA „Wybrzeże” Departament in Gdańsk (before: EDF Poland SA) – 54 – bay MV Switchgear

•     PGE Energia Ciepła SA Departament 1 in Kraków (before EDF Poland SA) – 28 – bay MV Switchgear

•     PGE GiEK SA Zespół Elektrowni Dolna Odra (Power Plant Pomorzany) – 50 – bay MV Switchgear

Modernization included preparation of complete technical projects, also delivery, assembly and start-up of new MV bays and their adaptation in remote control and supervision system. Contracts included also performing all construction works related to these modernizations.
Particularly noteworthy is the fact of performing works in very short time spaces while maintaining the continuity of the plant’s operation.
This year, we have launched another 25-bay switchgear for the Power Plant “Pomorzany” in Szczecin. Power supply reliability and operation of the new e²ALPHA switchgear is ensured by proven and reliable e²BRAVO vacuum circuit-breakers, while control, measurement and full protection automation is carried out by modern universal e²TANGO protection relay.