e²ALPHA-2S double busbar system switchgear for Ministry of Finance

In addition to standard, single busbar system switchgears, the e²ALPHA series also include switchgears with a double busbar system. This solution is designed for use in primary and secondary electric energy facilities, in areas where high reliability of power supply is required and to ensure full busbar substitution.
One of the facilities where the double busbar system e²ALPHA-2S switchgear is installed is the main power station of the Ministry of Finance in Warsaw.
The realization was implemented on an active and working public facility and in order to assure constant power supply, firstly temporary single busbar system MV switchgears were installed. Efficient and professional implementation of the contract was realiable thanks to cooperation and coordination of activities both from the side of the Investor and the User as well as the Operator of the Distribution Network – Innogy STOEN Operator.
Both installed switchgears (single busbar system e²ALPHA and double busbar system e²ALPHA-2S) were equipped with e²BRAVO vacuum circuit-breakers and e²TANGO protection relays.
In addition to the basic protection, measurement, registration and control functions, e²TANGO protection relays provide additional arc protection, which significantly increases the safety of the operated equipment, and in particular the safety of personnel who service it.