A lot of gifts from Elektrometal Energetyka went to two families for Christmas as part of the Noble Package

This is another edition of the charity action “Szlachetna Paczka” (Noble Package), in which we raised money for the needy for Christmas. The results exceeded our wildest expectations:

– a record of the budget was broken (thanks to the support of the Management Board of EE SA PLN 12 thousand),

– we delivered 17 packages

– thanks to the budget surplus, we also helped the other family.

For the collected donations, we were able to purchase, among others medical equipment, household appliances and food, thanks to which the families selected by us will finally be able to equip the house and fill the fridge properly.

THANK YOU wholeheartedly for your open hearts and commitment! The joy of helping can be seen in the photos from the preparations in the photo gallery – we invite you to watch.